Internal Regulations

Dear Customer,
the following rules are part of the general conditions of contract for the supply of Our services. It was necessary for the protection of sound principles governing the relations between guests of Bagno Teresa and the people who work there, in order to allow everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of Our Structure. In case of non-compliance with this regulations, Bagno Teresa reserves the right to dissolve the contract immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The Direction

Bagno Teresa


  • In case of booking a direct contractual relationship between Bagno Teresa Snc and the client is established, governed by these rules.
  • By signing such bond, you authorize Bagno Teresa Snc to the processing of your personal data.
  • When booking a deposit is required, which will be retained in case of cancellation.


  • The customer must give written notice (fax or email) to Bagno Teresa Snc of any cancellation. In case of cancellation the customer is entitled to a refund of the deposit (net of redemption charges) only if the disclosure is made 30 days prior to start date.
  • The cancellation made by the fifteenth day of the date of commencement of the stay, will result in the invoicing of 80% of the agreed price as compensation for damages.
  • In case cancellation will overtake those terms or will not be made at all, or in case of no show (no-show), the service provider will be entitled to retain the entire deposit and claim the price of the service agreed.


  • Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly: The amount remaining to be paid by the first day of the rental.
  • Seasonal: The fee will be paid in a single solution (by May 15) with a discount of 5%, or divided, respectively, 1/4 on booking as deposit and still before May 15, 1/4 by June 15, 1/4 by 15 July and the balance by August 15.
  • Seasonal Specials: The offer is maintained if terms of Seasonal payment are respected, unlike the price returns to standard.


  • Guests are supposed to keep a respectful behavior during the entire period of their stay.
  • Our guests are asked to respect timetables, signs, signals and regulations (governing access by the pool), present in the structure.
  • It is forbidden to leave objects and littering in public areas of the structure.
  • It is possible to hang towels, or sea clothing only in appropriate spaces.
  • During the stay, the front desk employees will be at your disposal for all information and assistance in line with the opening hours (8: 30-18: 30).


  • It is allowed to bring pets only after due approval of the Executive Board
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash, will not disturb the neighborhood, will not have to show aggression toward other subjects simultaneously present.
  • Dogs can swim in the sea water in front of the stretches of beach reported by lifeguards only in the early hours of the opening or at the end of the day.
  • It is forbidden the access to female dogs in estrous period.
  • Any dejection of the animals must be removed immediately by the owner, who will be equipped with pallet / stacker, and stored in special containers installed for this purpose.
  • The guest, who brings a pet is kept to guard and must have proper insurance coverage for civil liability (for pets or personal)


  • Parking is for the exclusive use of customers, any guests, who remember that must be announced in advance in the management, can take advantage of the parking lots outside the structure.
  • Every customer has the ability to have a card to access the parking (subject to deposit of € 10.00 each).
  • Cars as cycles and motor cycles are parked neatly in the spaces, the abandoned vehicles in areas that prevent the normal passage will be removed.
  • It is prohibited the transit of cycles and motorcycles outside of the area used for parking.
  • The car parking lot is unattended and requires the employment of a maximum of two parking spaces for umbrella and three per tent (daily except where the number of cars is limited to one space per umbrella and two curtain).

Locations on the sea:

  • Each position can be occupied only by the number of persons indicated for that specific location (max 4 + 1 umbrella, tent max 8 + 2).
  • You may not use the furniture (chairs, beds, etc.) or spaces of the positions of others.

Using zones Picnics and B.B.Q.:

  • The picnic area has a limited audience, which affects the ability to reserve tables, it is therefore absolutely forbidden to occupy in advance the tables with bags or whatever.
  • Use of these areas is shared, so at lunch, especially during times of turnout it is required to make it available as soon as possible for who else would benefit.
  • For customers wishing to use (evenings only) BBQ, reservation required at the Directorate, at the end of the stay the area must be left tidy and clean, not forgetting to put out the fire with a little of water.