A dip in Seaside History

The Egyptians already recommended the use of sea water to treat and cleanse wounds and the healing power of the sea bath; Euripides (480-406 BC) who fell ill in Egypt was treated with cold baths of sea water and wrote: “The sea heals the diseases of men.”

Greeks and Romans loved to sunbathe: the latter built villas on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Adriatic and even the North Sea and recommended the use of sea water for its many therapeutic activities (Aulus Cornelius Celsus, Pliny, Seneca) or to preserve the beauty of the body: this was the purpose of marine bath for Cleopatra. Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) wrote: sea bathing excite and develop the body.
Christianity and the fall of the Empire sign the end of the great myths and see the man fall into a dark false modesty that makes him abandon all practices favoring the exposure of the naked body hygiene, gymnastics and thermal treatments.
It seems that the first “House of marine health spa” has arisen in Dieppe in 1778 and the first “Marino Hospice for Children” in Magrate, in Britain, in 1791, perhaps the only one until 1842 when it was built another, the first in Italy, in Viareggio.

Thalassotherapy and salsoiodic treatments, sun therapy, sand therapy

The absolute star of the summer? For many, even for a lot (considered the turnout on the beaches) is definitely the sea. And sea does not only mean the combination of sun-tan, but also, and especially, water. “The sea water has the same characteristics and properties of thermal salsobromoiodica, beneficial for the beauty, but also for the health of the bones, skin and muscle,” says Dr. Massimo De Bellis, a specialist in medical hydrology and professor of the Italian Association of Homotoxicology in Milan, “but, in addition, it has an optimal concentration of salt, 35 per thousand, and has an important presence of aquatic micro fauna, plankton, algae». Not everyone knows that thalassotherapy, or the care of combined water, sun, air and marine climate, sea bathing are a real natural therapy. “The baths in sea water exert their effects by a number of factors, in particular for the components of the water, for the temperature and the wave motion which is added to that made by the bather.

Near Viareggio

A coast line stretching for about twenty kilometers, encompassing the hills planted with olive trees and grapevines, the lake area of ​​Massaciuccoli, the peaks of the Apuan Alps, and the presence of archaeological sites, Romanesque churches, medieval villages, fortresses and castles, testify to the long history of this area inhabited since Neolithic times. In summer writers, artists, entertainers and a large number of fans of cultural heritage meet here. In winter literary and film cultures recall here specialists and curious. Extraordinary region with its scattered fortresses, towns and coastal towers, evidence of a past that shaped major historic city: Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and Viareggio on the coast line, Massarosa near Lake Massaciuccoli, Camaiore on the hills, and Stazzema Upper Versilia Seravezza, and finally the municipalities which are the corollary to a series of smaller towns that can boast extraordinary natural beauty and a rich history.